Printing Issues

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

There are several known printing issues addressed by the Compatibility Administrator using compatibility fixes and compatibility modes.

Fix Name Symptom Fix Description


You receive an access violation error message when the application starts or searches for printers.

Emulates the behavior of the Microsoft Windows®°95 operating system and the Microsoft Windows®°98 operating system to compensate for a variety of differences in the printer functions in Windows XP Professional. Most of the problems are due to differences in the EnumPrinters function from Windows 95, Windows 98, to Windows XP Professional.


The application shuts down unexpectedly when you attempt to print.

Modifies the GetWindowLongA(GWL_WNDPROC) function to redirect the GetWindowLongW function calls to retrieve the GWL_WNDPROC value.

This compatibility fix forces the true window procedure address to always be supplied. This fix also works correctly with the DWL_DLGPROC value.

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