What is the ACT Community?

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

The ACT Community is an online environment that enables Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) users to join and then share assessment data with other registered ACT users.


The information collected by ACT is not used to identify or to contact you.

Benefits of the ACT Community

The ACT Community database enables you to share your application assessment data with other ACT Community users.

Common Scenarios

The following sections describe common ACT Community scenarios.

Viewing User Data

The ACT Community enables you to view how other registered ACT users ranked specific software. This can be done from the Community Assessment column of the Analyze screen of the Application Compatibility Manager. Only ACT Community members can view this data.

The following sections describe the technologies related to ACT Community.

Application Compatibility Manager

The Application Compatibility Manager works with the ACT Community to provide reports about compatibility data, including those from ACT Community members. You have the ability to review the community data in the Community Assessments column, located on the application-related screens in the Application Compatibility Manager.

ACT Community Dependencies

The following sections describe the ACT Community dependencies.

Microsoft Compatibility Exchange

To upload and to download compatibility data, the ACT Community uses the Microsoft Compatibility Exchange, which consists of the ACT Web Service and the Application Profile database.

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