Windows Compatibility Evaluator (WCE) Technical Reference

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

The Windows® Compatibility Evaluator (WCE) enables you to identify issues that relate to the Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA) DLL files, to services running in Session 0 in a production environment, and to any application components deprecated in the newest version of the Windows operating system.

You configure the WCE in the Application Compatibility Manager when you create a data-collection package for the deployment of a new operating system. After the evaluator runs, you can also use the Application Compatibility Manager to view your issues in report form.


The Windows Compatibility Evaluator (WCE) cannot run on a computer that is already running the Windows 7 operating system. Due to what this evaluator attempts to address, you would already be experiencing issues on the Windows 7 operating system, and you would not require the assistance of the ACT to provide more information.

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What is the Windows Compatibility Evaluator?

Includes detailed information about what the Windows Compatibility Evaluator (WCE) is, including the detected issues, the common scenarios for its usage, its related technologies, and its dependencies.

How the Windows Compatibility Evaluator Works

Includes detailed information about how the WCE works, including its terminology and its high-level processes.

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