Registry Issues

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

There are several known registry issues addressed by the Compatibility Administrator using compatibility fixes and compatibility modes.

Fix Name Symptom Fix Description


The application makes a call to a statically loaded DLL file that has not yet been loaded.

Preloads required static DLL files for the application. Some applications use dynamically loaded DLL files, which can issue calls to static DLL files before the application is ready. This compatibility fix requires a command prompt with a list of the affected DLL files. The files are loaded in the order listed in the command prompt.


Registry keys are not removed.

Enables all of the registry functions to enable virtual keys, redirection, and expansion values.


You receive an error message stating "Failed to update system registry. Please try using RegEdit" when you use the Limited User Account (LUA).

Redirects files to the SystemDrive\Documents and Settings\username\LocalAppData\Redirected\drive\filepath directory if the application does not have write permissions.

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