Miscellaneous Issues

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

There are several known miscellaneous issues addressed by the Compatibility Administrator through compatibility fixes and compatibility modes.

Fix Name Symptom Fix Description


A child process fails to operate properly, even though the parent process functions normally. For example, Setup.exe works correctly but the child process, Setup2.exe, fails.

Adds the current process to the PROCESS_HISTORY environment variable, enabling child processes to look in the parent process directory for matching information. Typically, you use this compatibility fix when a 32-bit program unpacks files and creates a temporary executable (.exe) file that requires a compatibility fix.


Information does not display properly in the System Info dialog box.

Modifies the CreateProcess function to remove the /p command-line option when Msinfo32.exe starts. This fix allows Msinfo32.exe to emulate its behavior on Windows NT 4.0, so it can print a blank page instead of displaying system information.

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