<Update_Name> - Computers

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

The Computers tab of the <Update_Name> dialog box enables you to view the following information for each computer that has an installed application with known issues related to the Windows® update:

  • The computer name, operating system, and domain.

  • The Media Access Control (MAC) address of the computer on the network.

  • The computer manufacturer.

To access the Computers tab of the <Update_Name> dialog box

  1. Click Analyze from the Quick Reports pane.

  2. Click Updates from the Update Impact Reports heading in the Quick Reports pane.

    The Updates screen appears.

  3. Double-click the update for which you want to see the associated details.

    The <Update_Name> dialog box appears, with the Intersecting Applications tab showing.

  4. Click the Computers tab.

Using the Computers Tab

On the Computers tab of the <Update_Name> dialog box, you can perform the following actions:

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