Windows 7: Security and Protection

Applies To: Windows 7

This collection contains detailed information about security features for the IT professional to design, deploy, and maintain Windows 7. If you need help and how-to security information for using Windows at home, see Windows Help and How-to (

Security technologies

ActiveX Installer Service


BitLocker Drive Encryption

Smart Cards

User Account Control

Security references

What's New in Client Security

Using Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: Controlling Communication with the Internet

Internet Explorer 8 Desktop Security Guide

Windows 7 Security Compliance Toolkit

Security Tools

Threats and Countermeasures Guide: Security Settings in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista

Troubleshooting resources

Windows 7 Top Security Solutions

Windows 7 Security Forums (answered, recent threads)

Security Troubleshooting and Support

Microsoft Security Bulletin Search

Core Security Troubleshooting


Windows 7 Security Overview


BitLocker and BitLocker To Go

User Account Control

Security Bulletins for the Regular IT Guy

Security Protections in Internet Explorer 8

Additional resources

Microsoft Forefront

Security Essentials

Security TechCenter

Security Solution Accelerators