Event 1059 - Ajax Navigation

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 has a new HTML 5 Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) navigation feature that enables Web sites to maintain and track changes in AJAX states by treating them as a navigation element while using IE8 mode. This means that setting the window.location.hash value on the window to mark a state change, like zooming in a map, will create an entry in the travel log for the current Web page, enabling the user to go back to the previous state. This change might cause problems for Web sites that send data by using the location.hash property between cross-domain components, or for any Web site that manually manipulates the hash value of the URL.


Each time you set the window.location.hash property, two important things happen:

  • The previous URL, which might contain a previous hash fragment, is added to the travel log. This enables the Back button to return to that previous URL.

  • An onhashchange event is raised.

When Is This Event Logged?

This event is logged when a Web page sets the window.location.hash property, while in IE8 mode.


For more information and examples, see the Event 1059-Ajax Navigation topic from Internet Explorer Application Compatibility.


Since this security feature is active only when a Web page is rendered using IE8 mode, you can force the page to render in IE7 mode as a workaround. In this workaround, setting the window.location.hash property will not affect the travel log.

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