What Compatibility Evaluators are Available?

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

The Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) includes several compatibility evaluators that can be deployed as part of a data-collection package to collect information from your client computers.

Compatibility evaluator name Description

Inventory Collector

Examines each of your organization's computers, identifying the installed applications and system information. The Inventory Collector is automatically included in any DCP that you create because the Application Compatibility Manager requires a complete inventory from your identified computers before it can determine any associated issues. For more information, see Inventory Collector Technical Reference.

User Account Control Compatibility Evaluator (UACCE)

Identifies potential compatibility issues due to an application running under a Protected Administrator (PA) or Standard User (SU) account on the Windows® Vista® operating system. UACCE monitors your running applications to verify interactions with the operating system and to identify potentially incompatible activities. For more information, see User Account Control Compatibility Evaluator (UACCE) Technical Reference.

Windows Compatibility Evaluator (WCE)

Identifies potential compatibility issues due to deprecated components in the new operating system, Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA) DLLs, and the isolation required by Session 0 applications. For more information, see Windows Compatibility Evaluator (WCE) Technical Reference.

Update Compatibility Evaluator (UCE)

Identifies the potential impact of a new Windows Update. By using the collected update impact data, you can prioritize your testing and reduce the potential risks of compatibility issues when you deploy the Windows Updates. For more information, see Update Compatibility Evaluator (UCE) Technical Reference.

A DCP can include one or more compatibility evaluators, depending on what you are evaluating. The Application Compatibility Manager automatically groups the evaluators based on tasks, which include deploying a new operating system or a service pack or applying a Windows Update.

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