Windows 7: The IT Pro at Home: Tips and Tricks

Applies To: Windows 7

This collection introduces features in Windows 7 that IT professionals will find useful for supporting friends and family with their computers and software at home.

For a complete view of Windows 7 resources, articles, demos, and guidance, please visit the Springboard Series for Windows 7 on the Windows Client TechCenter.

Windows Taskbar

Learn about the features in Windows Taskbar and how you can use Windows Taskbar to interact with Windows 7:

Windows Taskbar: Frequently Asked Questions


Learn how HomeGroup helps simplify file and printer sharing among computers that run Windows 7 on your home network:

Windows 7 HomeGroup

Windows 7 HomeGroup: Walkthrough

Windows 7 HomeGroup: Frequently Asked Questions


Learn how Windows 7 Libraries can make finding, organizing, and accessing files fast and easy:

Organizing with Windows 7 Libraries

Windows 7 Libraries: Walkthrough

Windows 7 Libraries: Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Internet Explorer 8

Learn about the new features in Internet Explorer 8 that makes browsing faster, easier, and safer than earlier versions of Internet Explorer:

Windows Internet Explorer 8

Windows Internet Explorer 8: Walkthrough

Windows Internet Explorer 8: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about how Windows Search provides an easy and comprehensive solution for browsing and finding your information—whether that information is stored on your hard disk, connected file shares, document portals, or Web sites:

Windows Search

Windows Search: Walkthrough

Windows Search: Frequently Asked Questions

Location Aware Printing

Learn about how Location Aware Printing allows you to choose different default printers for different networks:

Location Aware Printing

Location Aware Printing: Walkthrough

Location Aware Printing: Frequently Asked Questions


Learn about some of the new and changed security features in Windows 7, including the new Action Center and the updated User Account Control:

Security on Your Terms

Security: Walkthrough

Security: Frequently Asked Questions

Device Stage

Learn about how you can easily visualize and use your devices, including unique features, information, and services that they provide:

Device Stage

Working with Your Devices

Device Stage: Frequently Asked Questions