Location Aware Printing: Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Location Aware Printing?

Location Aware Printing allows you to choose different default printers for different networks. This capability is useful for people who use one laptop in multiple locations—for example, at work and at home.

What versions of Windows 7 support Location Aware Printing?

Windows 7® Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate support Location Aware Printing.

How does Windows 7 determine which default printer to use?

Location Aware Printing associates default printers with network names as you see them in the Network and Sharing Center. Windows 7 obtains the network name from a variety of sources, such as the name of the domain to which you join the computer at work or the station identification of the wireless router you use at home. By using the Manage Default Printers dialog box, you can associate a default printer with each network name and Windows 7 will automatically change default printers when you connect to each network.

Where do I configure Location Aware Printing?

In the Devices and Printers Control Panel application, select any currently installed printer, and then click the Manage Default Printers command in the menu bar. This action opens the Manage Default Printers dialog box, from which you can select a different default printer for each network you visit.

What should I tell my friends and family about Location Aware Printing?

When describing Location Aware Printing to your friends and family, tell them that Windows 7 will help make sure they print to the right printer at work and at home. After configuring their default printers, they don’t have to remember to change their default printer or choose a different printer when they print. Location Aware Printing is one of many Windows 7 features that use smart technologies based on location data.

How will Location Aware Printing reduce the calls I get from friends and family about printing?

Users who aren’t technically savvy don’t usually understand that they have to change printers when they change networks. They expect printing to work simply. Now it can. After your friends and family configure their default printers for each network to which they connect, you might notice fewer phone calls about missing print jobs, etc.