Built-in Troubleshooting Packs

Windows 7 includes built-in troubleshooting packs to deal with common problems such as problems that are related to printers, displays, sound, networking, system performance, and hardware compatibility. Microsoft designed these troubleshooting packs to correlate to the top ten categories of Microsoft support calls.

In addition to built-in troubleshooting packs, Windows 7 can download new packs as new issues are identified through the Windows Online Troubleshooting Service (WOTS). This ensures that customers always have updated tools to find and fix the most current types of problems. WOTS is a free service in Windows 7, and it can be controlled within an enterprise by using Group Policy settings.

How to Run Troubleshooting Packs

Users can run built-in troubleshooting packs from any of the following locations:

  • Related topics in Help

  • The Windows 7 Action Center in the notification area

  • The Troubleshooting Control Panel

In addition, some applications or Windows components can run the appropriate troubleshooting pack automatically. For example, if sound is not working, the user can right-click the volume control in the notification area. This presents the option to launch the Audio troubleshooting pack.

List of Built-in Troubleshooting Packs

The following table lists the troubleshooting packs that are included in Windows 7 or that are currently available by using the Windows Online Troubleshooting Service (WOTS).

Windows 7 Troubleshooting Packs


Troubleshoot problems that prevent your computer from displaying Aero animations and effects.

Playing Audio

Troubleshoot problems that prevent your computer from playing sound.

Recording Audio

Troubleshoot problems that prevent your computer from recording sound.


Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from using a printer.


Adjust settings in Windows that can help improve overall speed and performance.

System maintenance

Clean up unused files and shortcuts and perform other maintenance tasks.


Adjust power settings to improve battery life and reduce power consumption.


Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from viewing computer files or shared files in a HomeGroup.

Hardware and devices

Troubleshoot problems with hardware and devices.

Internet Explorer® performance

Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from browsing the Web with Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer safety

Adjust settings to improve browser safety in Internet Explorer.

Windows Media® Player Library

Troubleshoot problems that prevent music and movies from being shown in the Windows Media Player Library.

Windows Media Player settings

Reset Windows Media player back to default settings.

Windows Media Player DVD

Troubleshoot problems that prevent playing a DVD in Windows Media Player.

Connection to a workplace by using DirectAccess

Connect to your workplace network over the Internet.

Shared folders

Access shared files and folders on other computers

Incoming connections

Allow other computers to connect to your computer.

Network adapter

Troubleshoot Ethernet, wireless, or other network adapters.

Internet connections

Connect to the Internet or to a particular Web site.

Program compatibility

Troubleshoot a program that doesn't work in this version of Windows.

Search and indexing

Troubleshoot problems finding items with Windows Search.

Windows Update

Troubleshoot problems that are preventing Windows Update from working correctly.