Windows Internet Explorer 8: Walkthrough

Applies To: Windows 7


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The step-by-step instructions in this walkthrough provide a brief tour of the new search features in Windows® Internet Explorer® 8. These instructions assume that you haven’t removed or disabled the add-ons that come with Internet Explorer 8.

To use Accelerators

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8, click Page, point to All Accelerators, and then click Find More Accelerators to open Add-ons Gallery: Accelerators.

  2. Locate the Find on eBay Accelerator. Then, next to the Accelerator, click Add to Internet Explorer.

  3. On the Add Accelerator dialog box, click the Make this my default provider for this Accelerator Category check box, and then click Add.

  4. Open the Microsoft Store, and find a product like the Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3000.

  5. Select the product name; then, click the blue Accelerator icon and point to Find product with eBay (see Figure 1). Default Accelerators appear on the menu when you click the blue Accelerator icon. Other Accelerators appear on the overflow menu when you click All Accelerators.

    Figure 1. Internet Explorer Accelerators

  6. Click any auction item that the Accelerator displays to open that auction in a new tab.

To use Web Slices

  1. Open Live Search in Internet Explorer 8.

  2. In the Live Search box, type weather seattle, and then click the Search button.

  3. Point to the first search result, and you’ll see the green Web Slice icon to the left of the result, as Figure 2 shows.

    Figure 2. The green Web Slice icon

  4. Click the green Web Slice icon, and then click Add to Favorites Bar.

  5. Whenever the weather changes in Seattle, the Web Slice in the Favorites bar will turn bold, as Figure 3 shows.

    Figure 3. A bold, updated Web Slice

  6. Click the Web Slice to display the updated information in a preview window, as Figure 4 shows.

    Figure 4. The Web Slice preview with updated information

To see visual search suggestions

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8, and type MSFT in the Search box. As you type, you see a visual search suggestion (see Figure 5), which is a chart of Microsoft stock. Clicking the chart opens a stock quote. You also see other search suggestions like msft stock, msft stock price, and msft stock quote in the drop-down list.

    Figure 5. Search suggestions

To add search providers

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8, click the drop-down list to the right of the Search box, and then click Find More Providers to open the Add-ons Gallery: Search Providers.

  2. To install an additional search provider, click the Add to Internet Explorer button by that provider’s information, and then click Add in the Add Search Provider dialog box. These secondary search providers will be available on the QuickPick menu and in the Search box’s drop down list.

  3. The QuickPick menu displays the icons of and provides easy access to any of the secondary providers, without requiring you to retype the search query. The default search provider will always be on the left-most side, as Figure 6 shows.

    Figure 6. QuickPick menu