Assigning a Mandatory User Profile

Applies To: Windows 7

Previously, Ben created the account named ByaGuest for shared access to the computers. Now, he simply needs to assign the mandatory user profile he created to the local user accounts.

To assign a mandatory user profile to a shared account

  1. On the shared computer, click Start, type local users, and click Edit local users and groups. If Windows 7 prompts you for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or confirm that you want to continue.

  2. Click the Users folder.

  3. In the right pane, click the user account to which you want to assign the mandatory user profile. In Ben’s case, he clicks the account named ByaGuest.

  4. Click Action, and then click Properties.

  5. On the Profile tab, in the Profile path box, type the path of mandatory user profile that you want to assign to this account, omitting the “.v2” from the end of the folder name. In Ben’s example, the path is C:\Users\Mandatory.

    Figure 4  Assigning a mandatory user profile to a user account