Analyze Results on Another Device

Applies To: Windows 8.1

You can run an assessment to collect traces on one PC, and analyze the data on another PC or at another time. You might want to collect traces without analysis in order to:

  • Run analysis on a PC with more memory or a faster processor

  • Delay analysis to free up time for other high priority uses of the machines

  • Run on a PC that already has symbols configured

  • Reanalyze assessment data later with updated diagnostic modules or symbols

  • Collect the data on all devices, but analyze only those that meet specific criteria

To collect trace files without running analysis

  1. Select a job or assessment to run.

  2. On the Configure job screen, select Collect traces only.

  3. Run the job.

  4. Trace files for the assessment will be saved to %UserProfile%\Documents\Assessment Results.


Collecting trace files without analysis is not available for all jobs and assessments.

Run analysis on another device

You can load symbols on the PC where you want to analyze trace files. For more information, see Symbol Support.

To run analysis on trace files using WAC

  1. In the Windows Assessment Console, click Options, and then click Open Results to see all the job results that are available for viewing.

  2. In the Select Results window, select the results that you want to analyze.

  3. Click Open to open the results in details view.

    The Analysis complete row of the results shows False.

  4. Click Analyze.

    If you have multiple results open that can be analyzed, you can select which ones to analyze.

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