Testing the Customer Experience - Windows Server Essentials

Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

To verify the customer experience and check your customizations, run through the Initial Configuration on a target computer.


You must run the Sysprep.exe command to prepare the image for deployment before you test the Initial Configuration experience. For more information, see Preparing the Image for Deployment - Windows Server Essentials.
A network connection is required to test the Initial Configuration. By default, DHCP is not configured or installed on the server. To enable network testing without interference, see Configure a Router - Windows Server Essentials.

To test the customer experience

  • Complete the Initial Configuration at least one time manually to walk through the customer experience.

  • If you cobranded the Dashboard you must complete the Initial Configuration to verify the branding.

  • If you cobranded the Remote Web Access site, you must access http://<servername> to verify the branding (<servername> is the name of the server).

  • To verify the partner Support Information, in the Dashboard, click the down arrow next to the Help button.

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