Configure Windows To Go for Remote Access

Applies To: Windows 8.1

When you deploy Windows To Go in your educational organization you can configure remote access solutions like DirectAccess, traditional VPN-based solutions, and auto-triggered VPN solutions.

Enabling users to access network resources from off-campus locations such as at home is an important aspect of the Windows To Go usage scenario. To provide access to network resources, you might deploy a remote access solution. Windows To Go can use such already-supported remote access solutions as:

  • DirectAccess. DirectAccess provides an advanced remote access solution that enables built-in security, monitoring, and integration with other Microsoft enterprise services.

  • Traditional VPN-based solution. A VPN is also supported as a means to enable remote access from Windows To Go. Windows 8.1 adds support for a wider variety of VPN clients.

  • Auto-triggered VPN. Use an app or resource that needs access through the inbox VPN (for example, a company’s intranet site) and Windows 8.1 automatically prompts to sign in with one click. This feature is available with Microsoft and third-party inbox VPN clients.

For more information, including Windows PowerShell scripts related to the remote access deployment, see the “Configure Windows To Go workspace for remote access” section in Deploy Windows To Go in Your Organization.

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