WPA How-to Topics

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

This section covers detailed procedures for Windows® Performance Analyzer (WPA).

In This Section

Open a Recording

Gives the procedure for opening a recording.

Change the View Layout

Gives the procedure for changing the view layout.

Zoom In on a Time Interval

Gives the procedure for zooming in on a time interval.

Highlight a Time Interval Selection

Gives the procedure for highlighting a time interval selection.

Customize a Data Table

Gives the procedure for customizing a data table.

Search or Filter Data

Gives procedures for searching and filtering data.

Apply, Create, or Delete a Preset Combination of Columns to Display

Gives procedures for applying, creating, and deleting a preset combination of columns to display.

View System and Recording Information

Gives the procedure for viewing system and recording information.

Load Symbols or Configure Symbol Paths

Gives procedures for loading debugging symbols and configuring symbol paths.

Save State at the End of a WPA Session

Gives the procedure for saving the state of a WPA session.

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