View System and Recording Information

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

You can view system and recording information for the recording that you currently have open in Windows® Performance Analyzer (WPA).

To view system information

  1. On the Trace menu, select System Configuration.

  2. Select the appropriate tab to view any of the following:

    • General: General information about the computer on which the recording was made.

    • Traces: Information about the recording that is currently displayed.

    • Storage: Information about the storage devices that are available on the computer.

    • Display: Information about the display capabilities of the computer.

    • Network: Information about the network of the computer.

    • Services: Information about the services that are available on the computer.

    • IRQ: Information about interrupt requests in the recording.

    • PnP: Information about Plug and Play devices that are attached to the computer.


Be careful when you share Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) files. These files contain very detailed information about the system on which they were recorded.

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