Compare Results

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

This topic describes how to compare results in the Windows® Assessment Console.

By default, the results from each job that you run are saved in the results library at %UserProfile%\Documents\Assessment Results. Over time, you can compare results to see how changes that you've made to the computer affect performance. Or, if you run assessments on a separate computer, you can compare those results to results for the local computer to see which computer has better performance. In the Windows Assessment Console, when you select more than one result file to view, the results appear side by side for comparison purposes. If a long list of results is available, you can filter the results to quickly find the result that you're interested in.

To compare results

  1. In the Windows Assessment Console, click Options, and then click Open Results to see all the job results that are available for viewing.

  2. In the Select Results window, select the results that you want to view.

    • To select an individual result, select the check box that appears in the left column.

    • To select multiple results, click the data and drag the mouse, or click the data and then use either the Shift key or the Ctrl key to select the results that you want.

    • To add results that are stored on removable media or locations other than the default results library, in the View Results window, click Add Results, and then click Browse to locate and open the results.

  3. Click Open to open the results in details view.

  4. You can filter results to show only the differences between results set. Click Select rows and then click Show differences.

When comparing two or more results, the best metrics when applicable are highlighted in blue.


If you want to compare only the summaries of the results, select the Use summary view to open results check box before you click Open. You can use the summary view to compare a few metrics across many jobs.

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