Modifying a RIS Image

Applies To: Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Reasons to modify a RIS image

After a Remote Installation Services (RIS) image is first created, you will need to apply a software license key to the image and add text describing the image. After that, modifying a RIS image may be required when adding hardware drivers to an image. Some non-Microsoft text mode or plug and play drivers are not distributed with Windows ServerĀ 2003 and need to be added to the RIS image. You will need to add updates and hotfixes to the RIS image. In some cases, you might want to disable the driver-signing policy for automated setup since some of these drivers may not signed by Microsoft.

All these options are essentially done through customizations in the RISTNDRD.SIF file, which stores unattended setup instructions for the selected RIS image.


We strongly recommend that you use digitally signed drivers that are approved for Windows whenever possible. Using signed drivers will help ensure driver compatibility with Windows.

The following links describe how to perform each of the tasks mentioned.

Adding a License Key to a RIS Image

Adding Text Mode Drivers to a RIS Image

Adding Plug and Play Drivers to a RIS Image

Integrating Hotfixes

Disabling Driver Signing Policy

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