Using Manual Addition to Add Nodes

Applies To: Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

You can add one or more compute nodes to your cluster manually from the To Do List in the Compute Cluster Administrator. Before adding a compute node using the manual method, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • A prospective compute node must already have Windows ServerĀ 2003, Compute Cluster Edition or a supported operating system installed. See Compute Cluster Software Requirements for a list of supported operating systems.

  • The computer must have the Compute Cluster Pack compute nodes components installed before using this method. You can do this by running Compute Cluster Pack Setup.exe on the node or by imaging a node that already has the Compute Cluster Pack components installed, using the tools available in your organization. To install the Compute Cluster Pack on a server to configure it as a compute node, refer to Installing Compute Cluster Pack on a Compute Node.

  • The Compute Cluster Node Manager Service must be started before using this method.

  • You must know the name of the computer you want to add as a node to your cluster.

  • The computer must be connected to a network and you must be a local administrator on that computer.

  • The computer must be a member of the same Active Directory domain as the head node.

To manually add a node to your cluster

  1. Run the Compute Cluster Administrator.

  2. From the Node Management tile of the To Do List, click Add Nodes.

  3. On the Before You Begin page, review the tasks you are about to perform, then click Next to continue or Cancel to close the wizard.

  4. On the Select Method page, select Manual Deployment, and then click Next.

  5. On the Identify New Nodes page, enter the computer name or the Domain Name System (DNS) name of the computer you want to add as a node, and then click Add. If you have more than one node to add, enter another computer name and click Add. When finished specifying nodes, click Next.

    1. If your credentials do not permit you to connect to the destination node, a dialog is displayed which requests credentials (user name and password) of an account that does have administrator's permissions on the destination node. Enter those credentials or recheck your own.
  6. Verify the information displayed on the View Summary page. If you want to change the information, click Previous and alter the information or cancel the task. When you have finished, click Install.

  7. A Progress page is displayed while the node is being added. When complete, if the Result page reports that the addition of one or more nodes was successful, click Finish.

  8. When the To Do List is displayed, refresh the list, then verify that the number of compute nodes in your cluster is increased by the number of nodes you have added.

  9. The nodes you have added will be displayed in the Node Management page as Pending Approval. Right-click the node or nodes and select Approve. The selected nodes will now be in a Paused state.

Next steps

The nodes that you have just accepted for inclusion in your cluster are in a Pending Approval state. After the cluster administrator approves a node, the state changes to Paused. While a node is paused, the cluster administrator can perform additional configuration of the node such as running scripts, installing software, or performing any additional node configuration that is needed. For more information about managing node status, refer to Managing Compute Nodes.