Creating Remote Desktop Sessions

Applies To: Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

A cluster administrator can create Remote Desktop sessions to multiple compute nodes, switching between each node to perform required operations.

To create one or more Remote Desktop sessions

  1. From the Node Management page of the Compute Cluster Administrator, right-click one or more compute nodes.

  2. Select Launch Remote Desktop Connection. The message Connecting will be displayed while the session is created. If the session fails to connect, the message Disconnected is displayed. To attempt another remote session, right-click the node beneath Remote Desktop Sessions in the console tree in the left pane, and then click Connect.

  3. If the connection is successful, a remote connection to the node is displayed in the center Results pane.

  4. If you have started a remote session to multiple nodes, you can switch between node sessions by navigating between the nodes listed beneath the Remote Desktop Sessions container in the console tree on the left side of the Compute Cluster Administrator.

  5. To close a remote session to a node, right-click that node in the console tree and select Close. Alternatively, if you log off the node, the details pane will display Disconnected, but you still must close the session.


    If you are running the Compute Cluster Administrator remotely, some network topologies prevent a remote administrator from creating a Remote Desktop session directly to a compute node. If the compute nodes of a cluster do not have a public network interface (as in network topology scenarios one and three), a remote administrator must first create a remote desktop connection to the cluster head node, then open a remote desktop connection from the head node to the destination compute node.

Storing global desktop credentials

You can store a user name and password so that these credentials will be used whenever starting a Remote Desktop session to multiple nodes. These global credentials for desktop sessions are stored on the local computer from which you open the session. After the information is saved, future sessions will use the stored credentials.

Multiple cluster administrators can run the Compute Cluster Administrator remotely on different computers against a single cluster. For each administrator, the global credentials are stored locally on the computer that is running the Compute Cluster Administrator. Cluster administrators can use those credentials to access multiple sessions.

To save a user name and password as a global desktop credential

  1. Run Compute Cluster Administrator.

  2. Navigate to the Node Management page.

  3. Click Remote Desktop Settings in the Action pane.

  4. Type in global user name, password, and display options, and then save.

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