Install CAL Packs Wizard

The Install CAL Packs Wizard installs and registers one or more client access license (CAL) packs in Windows EBS.

For more information about CALs in Windows EBS, see the Microsoft Web site (

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Before you begin

Before you can install a CAL pack, you must:

  • Activate your Windows operating system on the Windows EBS servers.
  • Obtain a 25-character alphanumeric product key for the CAL pack. When you purchase a CAL pack, the product key is supplied.
  • Have Internet access from the Management Server.
You cannot install a CAL pack that will cause the total number of CALs for Windows EBS to exceed 300.

License Agreement

After reading the agreement carefully, select the appropriate option.

Add CAL pack keys

Type or copy the product key for a CAL pack in the Product key text box, and then click Add. You can provide the keys for multiple CAL packs.


Before installing the CAL packs, the wizard lists the information that you provided. Click Install to begin the installation process, or return to a previous page to make changes.

The Installing CAL packs page displays the progress of the CAL pack installation, and the status appears on the Finish page.