Verify the migration

Follow these steps to verify that you migrated the DHCP servers successfully.

To verify the migration

  1. Log on to a client computer as domain administrator.

  2. Open a Command Prompt window.

  3. Type the ipconfig /release command followed by inpconfig /renew.

  4. Then type the following:

    ipconfig /all
  5. In the command output, look for a DHCP Server entry. If you see more than one, look at the one that is under the section for the network device that connects to your Windows EBS network (in many cases, Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection).

  6. The DHCP server IP address shown should be the IP address of the Management Server.

  7. The DNS server IP addresses shown should be the IP address of the Management Server and the IP address of the Messaging Server.

  8. Verify that you can access the Internet from the computer.

  9. Log on to any computer that has a reserved IP address.

  10. Renew the DHCP server lease by typing the following in a Command Prompt window:

    ipconfig /renew
  11. Verify that the IP address of the computer matches the reserved IP address.