Information specific to Windows Essential Business Server

The Windows EBS Installation Wizard scans your environment to ensure that certain requirements related to AD DS are met, and it helps you meet these requirements where possible. For example, you can use a tool to upgrade the Active Directory schema level of your existing domain controllers to Windows Server 2008.

For more information about the requirements for AD DS in your Windows EBS environment, see the Microsoft Web site (

During installation, Windows EBS promotes the Management Server and Messaging Server to become domain controllers for your domain. If you chose to join an existing domain during installation of the Management Server, replication is automatically started—users, groups, computers, and GPOs are automatically copied from your existing domain controllers.

AD DS items that do not automatically replicate include: scripts, roaming profiles, redirected folders, and remote home folders.

For instructions on how to replicate scripts, roaming profiles, redirected folders, and remote home folders, see Step-by-Step Migration in this document.