Verify the migration

Follow these steps to verify that you migrated roaming profiles and remote home folders successfully.

To verify roaming profile and remote home folder migration

  1. On a desktop computer, log off all users who are logged in.

  2. Log on as a domain user who has a roaming profile.

  3. Log off so that the data is copied to the new location.

  4. Verify that no error dialog boxes appear when you log off.

  5. Log on as the same user.

  6. Verify that settings persisted as expected.

    If you are not using folder redirection for My Documents (renamed Documents in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista), and you have not excluded My Documents from the roaming profiles or remote home folders, browse My Documents to verify that the user’s roaming profiles and remote home folders are present. You can also verify that desktop settings such as wallpaper, icons, and the icon arrangement appear as expected.

  7. As a domain administrator, browse the content of the roaming profile and remote home folder parent folders. You should see a subfolder for the user you logged in as in step 2.


    You should not be able to browse the contents of this user’s subfolder as an administrator unless you specifically set that option in a GPO.