About Security Components

The table below describes the security components that are installed in Windows EBS.

For more information about the security components, see Windows EBS Security at the Microsoft Web site (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=108910).

Component Description

E-mail anti-malware

Monitors the status and settings for Forefront Security for Exchange Server. Forefront Security for Exchange Server is installed on the Messaging Server and includes multiple scan engines to help protect your Exchange Server environment from viruses and worms.

E-mail anti-spam

Monitors the status and settings for spam filtering in Exchange Server. On the Security Server, the Edge Transport server role in Exchange Server 2007 runs anti-spam agents at the network perimeter.

Network firewall

Monitors the status and settings of the network firewall in Forefront TMG. Forefront TMG is installed on the Security Server, and it helps provide integrated edge security for your network.

Update Management

Monitors the status and settings for managing updates with System Center Essentials. System Center Essentials helps you deploy updates that are released through Microsoft Update to the managed computers on your network.