Install Root Certificate on a Remote Computer

Windows EBS installs a local certification authority (CA) and uses certificates that are issued by the CA to configure services such as Remote Web Workplace. If you do not configure Remote Web Workplace with a public certificate from a trusted certificate issuer, you can install the root certificate from the local CA on your client computers. The root certificate allows a Web browser on a remote client computer to validate the server running Remote Web Workplace. Windows EBS includes an installer package that you can use to install the root certificate on client computers.


If you do not install the root certificate on client computers, your remote users may see Web-browser security warnings when they make Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections to Remote Web Workplace.

Use the following procedure to locate the installer package for the self-signed security certificate on the Management Server and to copy it to a remote computer. You can also make this package available to your network users by copying it to a shared folder or a location such as a Windows SharePoint® Services site. Then provide information to your users about how to access the package and to copy it to a remote computer.

To install the root certificate on a remote computer

  1. Log on to the Management Server with an account that is in the Administrators group.

  2. In Windows Explorer, browse to the %ProgramFiles%\Windows Essential Business Server\Data\RWW Cert Package folder. This folder contains the installer package for the self-signed security certificate.

  3. Copy the contents of the folder to portable storage media, such as a disk or a USB flash drive.

  4. Insert the disk or USB flash drive into the computer that is not joined to the Windows EBS domain and from which you want to access Remote Web Workplace.

  5. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the location where you copied the installer package.

  6. To install the certificate, double-click CertificateInstaller.exe and confirm that you want to install the certificate. By default the certificate is installed in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.