<User Account> Properties

Use the <User Account> Properties dialog box to view or modify information about a user account, including:

  • Information about the account in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • Groups that the account belongs to
  • Whether a CAL for Windows EBS is assigned
  • Limits on the mailbox size
  • Redirection of the user's Documents folder

For more information about managing user accounts, see:

Page Details

Account Information

View or modify details about the user account that are stored in AD DS.

Changing the User account name does not automatically change the user's shared network resources or e-mail address.

Optionally, set an account expiration date.

To access additional user account properties in AD DS, click Advanced to open the User Properties page in the Active Directory Users and Computers console.


All the changes that you make in <User Account> Properties are applied automatically when you click Advanced.


View or modify the membership of the user account in AD DS groups.


Assign a client access license (CAL) for Windows EBS to the user account.

Click None to require that the user access network resources only with a licensed device.


View or modify mailbox quotas for the user account.

If the user account does not already have an e-mail mailbox, select the Create a new mailbox check box, and type the user's e-mail address in the E-mail address text box.


Enable or disable redirection of the user's Documents folder to a shared folder.