Change the Public Domain Name for Remote Web Workplace

You can change the public domain name (for example, that users type to reach Remote Web Workplace. This name was configured when you installed Windows EBS.

To change the public domain name for Remote Web Workplace, complete the following three procedures:

  • Change the public domain name for Remote Web Workplace

  • Update Active Directory

  • Update the web.config file in Remote Web Workplace


The public domain name that you use must be registered with the Domain Name System (DNS). You may need to contact your Internet service provider (ISP) to configure the name in the public DNS. This involves registering an alias (CNAME) resource record in the public DNS that points to the host (A) resource record for the external address of the Security Server.


Unless you use a wildcard certificate, the name on the certificate that is used to help secure connections to Remote Web Workplace must be identical to the public domain name. You may need to add a new certificate to the external Web listener for the Web publishing rule for Remote Web Workplace. For more information, see Add Certificate for External Web Listener.

For more information about modifying Web publishing rules, see Forefront TMG Help: On the Security Server, in the Forefront TMG console, press F1.


You must use an account that is in the Domain Admins group to perform this procedure.

To change the Remote Web Workplace public domain name

  1. On the Management Server, do the following: Click Start, click All Programs, click Windows Essential Business Server, and then click Windows Essential Business Server Administration Console.

  2. Click the Security tab, click Network firewall, and then in the tasks pane, click Start Forefront Threat Management Gateway console. The Forefront TMG console starts.

  3. In the console tree, expand the name of your Security Server, and then click Firewall Policy.

  4. In the results pane, double-click Remote Web Workplace Publishing Rule.

  5. In Remote Web Workplace Publishing Rule Properties, click the Public Name tab.

  6. Under Web sites and IP addresses, click your present remote name (for example, and then click Edit.

  7. In the Public Name dialog box, type a new public domain name and then click OK twice.

  8. To save changes and update the configuration, in the results pane, click Apply.

To update Active Directory

  1. On the Messaging Server or the Management Server, click Start, and then click Administrative Tools.

  2. From the Administrative Tools list, click ADSI Edit.

  3. On ADSI Edit, click Action, and then click Connect to.

  4. On Connection Settings, click Select a well known Naming Context. Open its drop-down menu, click Configuration, and then click OK.

  5. Expand Configuration <ServerName>, expand CN=Configuration,DC=<ServerName>,DC=<>, and then expand CN=Services.

  6. Expand CN=MMSConfiguration, right-click CN=ISASetupTask, and then click Properties.

  7. On the Attribute Editor tab, select keywords, and then click Edit.

  8. In the Multi-valued String Editor, remove the existing value from the Values box, and then, in Value to add, type the new public domain name.

To update the web.config file in Remote Web Workplace

  1. On the Messaging Server, browse to the following folder, and then open the web.config file:

    %systemdrive%\Program Files\Windows Essential Business Server\Bin\webapp\Remote\

  2. Locate this line:

    <ssoApplication application=”OutlookWebAccess” serverName=”remote.<>”

    Change remote <> (for example, to the new public domain name that you used in the two previous procedures, To change the Remote Web Workplace public domain name and To update Active Directory.