Verify the migration

Follow these steps to verify that the migration was successful:

To verify the migration

  1. On a client that is running Windows, log on as a domain user (not administrator), and open a Command Prompt window.

  2. Type nslookup, and verify that the Address: in the command output matches the IP address of the Management Server.

  3. If the address does not match, type exit, log off the computer, and then log on as an administrator.

  4. Open a Command Prompt window, type ipconfig /release, and then type ipconfig /renew to renew your DHCP lease.

  5. Try steps 1 and 2 again. If this computer is statically addressed, check that you correctly updated the DNS settings (described in Reconfigure client computers and existing servers to use Windows Essential Business Server for DNS earlier in this document).

  6. At the nslookup prompt, type the name that you gave each of the Windows EBS servers during installation and press ENTER. Verify that the IP addresses that are returned match the IP addresses that you gave the servers during installation.

  7. Type the name of an external domain (for example,, and then press ENTER. Verify that the DNS resolution succeeds (an IP address is returned).

  8. Type exit to end nslookup, and then type exit to close the Command Prompt window.

  9. For each statically addressed computer, verify that when you type nslookup, the Address: matches the IP address of the Management Server. Be sure to check servers that have Microsoft® Exchange Server components installed.