New User Account Wizard

The New User Account Wizard helps you create a new user account. The wizard guides you to add account information, set an initial password, assign the user account to groups, assign a client access license (CAL) to the account, set up e-mail for the user, restrict mailbox size, and redirect the user's Documents folder.

For more information about managing user accounts in Windows EBS, see the Microsoft Web site (


Windows EBS can manage a maximum of 1000 user accounts.

Page Details

Check prerequisites

If you do not have an available CAL for Windows EBS, this page displays a warning message. This page does not appear if a CAL is available.

On the Assign CAL page of the wizard, you can choose to assign a CAL to the user account, if a license is available.

Add user information

Type the user's name in the First name and Last name text boxes.

Type the User account name (used to log on to the domain) and E-mail address in the text boxes or select them from the automatically generated suggestions provided in the lists.

Optionally, type information in the remaining text boxes.

Set password

Type and confirm an initial password for the user account. The user must change the password at the first logon.

To use the remaining Windows EBS default settings to set up the user account, click Add. (The wizard uses the settings that were applied when you last created a user account.) The Summary page appears.

Assign to groups

Add the user account to, or remove the user account from, Active Directory Domain Services groups.

The user account is added by default to the Domain Users group.

Assign CAL

Assign the user account a CAL for Windows EBS. If no CALs are available, or if you choose to allow the user to access network services only from licensed devices, click None.


The CAL assignment options that are available depend on the CAL packs that are installed and the number of CALs that you have assigned to other user accounts and to devices.


Specify the storage limits for the mailbox, which will be automatically created for the user account. You can choose no quotas, default mailbox quotas, or custom quotas.

Redirect Documents

Specify redirection of the user's Documents folder to a shared folder.

Security Note
To change the default shared folder that is used for Documents redirection, see the Microsoft Web site (


Before creating the user account, the wizard lists all the properties that you have selected for the account. Click Add to start the account creation process, or return to a previous page to make changes.

The Adding new account page displays the progress of the account creation process, and the status appears on the Finish page.