DHCP Options in Windows EBS

Applies To: Windows Essential Business Server

In Windows EBS, the Management Server can be enabled to act as a DHCP server, dynamically assigning IP addresses to the client computers that are connected to the network. As an option, you can configure DHCP during Windows EBS installation. You need the following information to define the DHCP scope that the Management Server uses:

  • A name to associate with your DHCP scope settings, for example adventureworks.scope.

  • The starting and ending IP addresses, scope subnet mask, and default gateway for the desired scope range. You should select a range of addresses that is large enough to accommodate all of the current and planned devices that you will want to have an address through DHCP. The three static addresses that you assign to the Management Server, Security Server, and Messaging Server should be outside this range.

  • The duration for which dynamically assigned IP addresses are valid before they must be refreshed.

  • The starting and ending addresses for an optional IP address block that you want to exclude from dynamic assignment by DHCP.