Modify user properties


Do not copy or move the roaming profile or remote home folder data manually. When you change the location, AD DS automatically copies the user data (preserving your security settings) from the old folders to the new folders when that user next logs off. It may take some time for all users to log off, so do not delete the old shared folders.

Follow these steps to modify user properties. This modification instructs AD DS to move the files stored in users’ roaming profiles and remote home folders.

To modify user properties

  1. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click Active Directory Users and Computers.

  2. For each user who had roaming profile or remote home folder settings (you noted this in Look for scripts in your user object settings), double-click the user name, and then click the Profile tab.

  3. Update the location of the roaming profile and remote home folder paths by setting them to the network path of the shared folders on your Windows EBS Management Server.

  4. Append a subfolder for the user. For example, if the network share for the roaming profile parent folder were \\adventure-works-mgmt\roamingprofiles and the user account you are modifying is Jane Doe, the correct profile path would be \\adventure-works-mgmt\roamingprofiles\JaneDoe (or jdoe).


    This subfolder does not exist yet on the Windows EBS Management Server—AD DS will create it when the user logs off.

  5. Click the Terminal Services Profile tab, and then update the roaming profile and remote home folder paths if these settings are present there.