Migrating from Windows Small Business Server 2003 to Windows Essential Business Server

Applies To: Windows Essential Business Server

You can migrate from an existing installation of the Standard or the Premium Edition of the Windows® Small Business Server 2003 server software (Windows SBS 2003) to the Windows® Essential Business Server software suite (Windows EBS) by completing the following tasks:

  • Prepare your Windows SBS 2003 environment.

  • Install Windows EBS on the existing network.

  • Add members to the Remote Web Workplace Users security group.

  • (Optional) Migrate settings and data for features, such as the Fax service, Exchange Server, and Windows SharePoint Services.

  • Demote and remove from the network the server that is running Windows SBS 2003.


The Windows EBS Installation Guide describes tasks that apply to all installations of Windows EBS. This document describes additional preparation and configuration tasks that are specific to Windows SBS 2003.


This document does not describe how to migrate from an installation of Windows SBS 2000 to Windows EBS. Migration from Windows SBS 2000 to Windows EBS is not supported.

If you perform the tasks described in this document, you can successfully do the following:

  • Establish and maintain connectivity with the existing Active Directory domain that is running on Windows SBS 2003.

  • Acquire the necessary privileges to connect to Active Directory databases on Windows SBS 2003.

  • Maintain Internet connectivity for the computers and devices that are in your existing network.