Change the Quotas for a Mailbox


You must use an account that is in the Domain Admins group to perform this procedure.

To change the size of a user’s mailbox

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Windows Essential Business Server, and then click Windows Essential Business Server Administration Console.

  2. Click the Users and Groups tab, and then click User Management.

  3. Click a user account in the list, and then in the tasks pane, click Change user account properties.

  4. On the UserAccountProperties dialog box, click the Mailbox tab.

  5. On the Mailbox page, you can restrict the size of the mailbox. Do one of the following:

    • To set up the mailbox without quotas, click Don't set a mailbox quota.

    • To use the default mailbox quotas, click Use the default quotas.


      To change the default mailbox quotas, see Configure Default Mailbox Quotas.

    • To specify custom mailbox quotas, select Customize the quotas, and then type a size (in kilobytes) in the three text boxes.

  6. To close the Properties dialog box, click Close.