Add Links for Your Organization to Remote Web Workplace

You can customize the links that appear under your organization’s name on the Remote Web Workplace home page. To do this, you manually edit the OrganizationLinks.xml file that is installed with Remote Web Workplace.


Before you modify the OrganizationLinks.xml file, you should create a back-up copy in case you need to restore the previous version.

To customize the links for your organization

  1. Log on to the Messaging Server by using an account that is a member of the Administrators group.

  2. On the disk where your applications are installed, browse to the Program Files\Windows Essential Business Server\bin\WebApp\Remote\App_Data folder.

  3. In Notepad, open the file OrganizationLinks.xml.

  4. To add a link, insert a <Link> node that has the following attributes:

    • DisplayText=”The text that you want to appear on the Remote Web Workplace page”
    • Url=”The URL for the resource that you want to link to”
    • locID=”A unique abbreviation for the link that does not appear on the Remote Web Workplace page”

    You can use the format of one of the existing <Link> nodes in the file as a guide.

  5. Save the file OrganizationLinks.xml.