Administration Console Pages

You can use the Windows EBS Administration Console to complete most of the management, monitoring, and reporting tasks that you need to perform in Windows EBS.

The Administration Console provides:

  • A single, integrated interface that you can use to complete common administrative tasks on the Management Server, Security Server, and Messaging Server in your Windows EBS network.
  • Links to context-specific task and action pages in the management tools that are installed with Windows EBS, such as the System Center Essentials console.
  • An extensible environment that can manage administrative add-ins that are published by Microsoft and by non-Microsoft developers.

Administration Console layout

The Administration Console is divided into several sections, where you perform the following tasks:

  • Select specific management areas to view.
  • Review server, device, and user information.
  • Choose tasks to perform on selected data.

The Administration Console sections include:

  • Navigation tabs
    The navigation tabs provide access to pages that you can use to manage the system categories in the Administration Console. A secondary set of tabs provides access to more pages that are related to the category. The navigation tabs are as follows:
    System Health Tab
    Security Tab
    Computers and Devices Tab
    Users and Groups Tab
    Licenses Tab


    If you installed system application add-ins for Windows EBS, you will see the System Applications Tab. If you installed business application add-ins for Windows EBS, you will see the Business Applications Tab.

  • Results pane
    This section is located directly beneath the navigation tab section. It usually contains a list of objects that are related to a system category in your Windows EBS network, such as a workload, computer, license type, or security component. You can use the results pane to view, organize, and manipulate objects in a particular category. For example, the Managed Computers and Devices page on the Computers and Devices tab lists all the computers, servers, and non-computer devices that are joined to your Windows EBS domain.

  • Details pane
    The details pane is located below the results pane. It provides more information about an object that is selected in the results pane.

  • Tasks pane
    The tasks pane is located to the right of the results pane. It provides a list of relevant tasks that you can perform on an object that is selected in the results pane or generalized tasks that are appropriate to the category that is listed on the current page. For example, the User Management page provides tasks for changing the properties of the selected user account and general tasks for creating a new user account and specifying a shared folder for Documents redirection.