Establishing a Temporary IP Address for Windows EBS Updates

Applies To: Windows Essential Business Server

During installation, the Installation Wizard needs to connect to the Microsoft Update Web site to download critical updates for the Installation Wizard and the roles that it installs. For the wizard to connect to the Internet, you need to specify and configure temporary settings for a network adapter. You can specify static IP addresses, or you can allow the addresses to be assigned by an existing DHCP server.


The network settings for connecting to the Internet are used temporarily during the installation. If you assign a static address for connecting to the Internet during the installation, you can reuse that address later.

During installation, the Installation Wizard provides screens for you to assign permanent network settings to each of the servers for Windows EBS. The permanent settings are used in your network to enable the features in Windows EBS, such as the management and external connectivity features. Unlike the temporary settings that are used for downloading updates, your permanent settings should take into account whether you are retaining or replacing an existing firewall or gateway device, the role of the Security Server as the gateway device for your network, and your choices for DNS and DHCP Server services in Windows EBS. The Installation Wizard prompts you for the information that is needed to configure the permanent settings.