Administer an Add-in

To monitor and perform administrative tasks with an add-in, use the Windows EBS Administration Console. The specific data and tasks that appear in the Administration Console depend on the design and function of the add-in, and they are located on one of the following tabs:

  • Security tab. In the results view on the Components page, click the name of the add-in component. Detailed information appears in the details pane, and a task list appears in the tasks pane.
  • System Applications tab. Click the page for the system applications add-in.
  • Business Applications tab. Click the page for the business applications add-in.


An add-in must be enabled for data and administrative tasks to appear in the Administration Console. By default, an add-in is enabled when you install it.


An add-in may include a Help file that provides detailed guidance. Windows EBS Help does not include Help topics for add-ins. For more information about using an add-in, contact the publisher.