Section A: Move the DNS Workload to Windows Essential Business Server

This migration assumes that you have one existing DNS server that is not integrated with AD DS. If you have multiple non-integrated DNS servers, look in the properties of your domain’s forward zone to determine which DNS server is the primary server. Perform the steps that refer to your existing DNS server on this primary server.

If you are unsure how to determine whether an existing DNS server is the primary server for your domain, continue with the following steps, and they will help you determine which server is the primary.

Section A includes topics about how to accomplish the following procedures:

Prepare your existing DNS server   Allow zone transfers to the Windows EBS Management Server.

Install DNS Server role in Windows Essential Business Server   Install the DNS Server role on the Management Server and the Messaging Server.

Transfer DNS data to the Management Server   Create secondary forward and reverse zones for your domain.

Integrate DNS with Active Directory Domain Services   Make the Management Server your primary DNS server for your domain’s forward and reverse zones.