Guided Configuration and Migration Tasks

Applies To: Windows Essential Business Server

After you finish installing Windows EBS, you must complete several configuration steps on your servers and migrate your existing data to enable all of the features of Windows EBS. The Configuration and Migration Tasks checklist guides you through these final tasks, which are in the following list.


Detailed documentation about specific migration tasks is on the Microsoft Web site ( If you cannot access the Internet from the Management Server, you can access the Microsoft Web site from another computer to view and print the documents.

Change the Security Level

Configure Subnets

Configure Site-to-Site VPN

Configure Firewall Rules

Configure SAN Storage

Migrate DNS

Migrate DHCP

Configure Management Tools

Activate the Servers

Configure DNS Sender ID

Configure DNS for Remote Access

Configure Certificate Settings for Remote Web Workplace

Migrate the Exchange Server Mailboxes

Move the User Scripts and Profiles

Discover Computers and Devices

Configure Software Update Rules

Move Active Directory Roles

Configure SharePoint Services

Install Client Access Licenses

Assign Client Access Licenses

Start the Administration Console

Verify the Configuration and the Migration