Which backup should I choose?

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

Choosing a backup can be straightforward if you have a very recent successful backup and you know that the backup contains all of your critical data. If you are trying to restore to a laptop that has been disconnected from the server for a long period of time (and recent backups do not exist), or a computer with recent incomplete or failed backups, choosing a good backup to restore to may require some investigation and, possibly, some compromise.

To choose a backup

  1. Check with the computer owner, and note the dates and times when they added or edited the most recent key or critical data on their computer. Use these dates and times as a starting point.

  2. When you come to the Select a backup to restore page in the Full System Restore wizard, check the Status of each recent backup—especially those that occurred after the dates and times noted in step 1.

  3. For each of the backups that occurred after the dates and times noted in step 1, check the status. Choose the most recent of those backups that was Successful. If there were no successful backups, select the most recent Incomplete backup and click the Details button. The Backup Details page appears.

  4. Review the volumes backed up and other information supplied on the Backup Details page, along with details about other Incomplete backups, and then choose the backup that will restore the computer to the most recent version of the data based on the owner criteria determined in step 1. If the backups created after the dates and times noted in step 1 are insufficient, work with the computer owner to determine which of the backups created after the step 1 date will be the most appropriate.