How does the Repair the backup database wizard work?

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

If Windows Home Server 2011 detects errors in your backup database, it sends you a health notification, and alert status changes to red, which indicates a critical condition.

On the Dashboard, click the Alerts to see the backup database error notification. The notification includes a Repair button, which starts the Backup Database Repair Wizard. The wizard may take several hours to finish.

The wizard examines your backup database and attempts to repair the database if errors are detected. In some cases, the wizard cannot repair the entire backup database. Before you start the wizard, verify that all the external hard drives that you use on your server are connected to the server, turned on, and functioning properly. The backup database error may be fixed automatically by reconnecting a missing hard drive.


Depending on the type of errors found in the backup database, the wizard may not be able to recover some backups. Some or all backups may be permanently lost.