Where can I find the drivers for my hardware?

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

Depending on the new or restored computer hardware, the Windows 7 PE recovery media may not include all of the storage and network adapter (also known as a network interface card (NIC)) drivers that are needed when you restart your restored computer. You must determine which drivers are missing, locate those drivers on existing media or on the manufacturer’s website, copy them to a flash drive, and then copy them from the flash drive to the new or restored computer during full system restore.

Copying drivers from a backup to a USB flash drive

When a computer is backed up, the drivers for the computer are saved in the backup. If your recovery media does not include all of the drivers that you need, you can open a backup for that computer, and then copy the drivers to a USB flash drive.

To copy drivers from a backup to a USB flash drive

  1. On another computer, open the Dashboard.

  2. Click Computers and Backup, and then click the computer for which you need drivers.

  3. Click Restore files or folders for the computer. The Restore Files or Folders wizard opens.

  4. Click the most recent successful backup, and then click Next.

  5. Click any volume to open, and then click Next. A window opens that lists the files and folders in the backup.

  6. Insert your USB flash drive in a USB connector on the computer, and then copy the Drivers for Full System Restore folder to your USB flash drive.


    You may need to click Up one level until you reach the root of the system volume.

  7. Remove the flash drive, and then insert it into the computer that you are restoring.

You can use the USB flash drive to install the drivers for your computer when you restore it. The recovery wizard looks for additional drivers on this USB flash drive while using the Full System Restore wizard. The drivers that you are most likely to need are the network adapter driver and storage device drivers.