Managing Hard Drives in Windows Home Server 2011

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

Windows Home Server 2011 allows you to manage all the hard drives that are connected to the server through the Dashboard. In Dashboard, on the Server Folders and Hard Drives tab, Hard Drives displays all the hard drives that are available for usage on the server for storing data and server backups. The server monitors the space available on each hard drive, and displays an alert if hard drive space becomes low.

The following table lists the hard drive management tasks that are available in the Dashboard and their descriptions. Some of the tasks are displayed only when a hard drive is selected.

Available hard drive management tasks

Task Name Description

View the hard drive properties

Opens the HardDriveName Properties page. This task is displayed when the hard drive is selected. The General tab of the HardDriveName Properties page includes the following additional tasks:

  • Drive cleanup: Allows the user to clean-up unused files on the hard drive.

  • Check and repair: Checks the hard drive for file system errors and attempts to repair detected errors automatically.

How do I increase storage on the server?

Launches the How do I increase storage on the server? help content on your Internet browser that describes how to increase the storage capacity of your server.

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