Managing Server Folders

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

Windows Home Server 2011 makes it possible to perform common administrative tasks by using the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard. The Server Folders page of the Dashboard provides the following:

  • A list of server folders, which displays:

    • The name of the folder.

    • A description of the folder.

    • The amount of space that is used by the folder.

    • Brief status information about any tasks that are being performed on the folder. The Status field is blank if the folder is healthy, and if no tasks are running.

  • A tasks pane that includes a set of folder-related administrative tasks.

The following table describes the various server folder tasks that are available in the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard. Most of the tasks are folder-specific, and they are only visible when you select a folder in the list.

Server Folder tasks in the Dashboard

Task name Description

Open the folder

Displays the contents of the selected folder in Windows Explorer.

Delete the folder

Enables you to delete a user-created folder. This task is not available for the default folders that server installation creates.

View the folder properties

Displays the properties for a selected folder, and enables you to:

  • Change the name of user-created folders.

  • Change the description for a selected folder.

  • Open the selected folder in Windows Explorer.

  • Specify user account access permissions for a selected folder.

Add a shared folder

Helps you create a new shared folder and assign the level of access allowed for each user account.