Share a folder with homegroup

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

The easiest way to share public files with users on your home network is to store the files in a shared folder on the server, and share the folder with a homegroup. The Windows Home Server 2011 homegroup offers a fast and convenient way to automatically share documents, music, pictures, recorded TV and more.

To share a folder with the homegroup

  1. Open the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard.

  2. Click Server settings. The Server Settings page appears.

  3. Click HomeGroup.

  4. On the Change HomeGroup settings page, click Change settings.

  5. For each of the shared folders that appear in the list, select the level of access that you want to give to members of the homegroup.

  6. When you finish setting the access level for each shared folder, click Change now.


    If a person who does not have permission to access a shared folder signs on to a homegroup computer that has either Read only or Full access permission for the folder, the most restrictive permission applies. In this case, even though the person signed on to a homegroup computer, they would not be able to access the shared folder because their user account is assigned the No access permission. Additionally, to allow media streaming from shared folders in the media library, you must assign either Read only or Full access HomeGroup permissions. If No access is assigned for a shared folder, the files in that folder are not available for media streaming. For information about how to allow media streaming to homegroup members, see Enable HomeGroup members to discover digital media.