Completing the Getting Started tasks

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

The Home page of the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard lists the Getting Started tasks, which you should complete immediately after you install your server. By performing these tasks, you can help protect information that is stored on the server and enable the features that are available in Windows Home Server 2011.

If you choose not to perform the Getting Started tasks, users might not have access to some network features. To run these tasks later, return to the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard Home page.

The following table defines each of the items that can appear in the list of Getting Started tasks.

Task Description

Set up server backup

Click this task to run the Set up Server Backup Wizard.

For information about Server Backup, see Learn more about setting up server backup.”

Set up remote access

Click this task to open the Remote Access page in Server Settings. When you turn on Remote Access, users can access files on your server, and can access computers on the network from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

For information about Remote Access, see “What is Remote Web Access?

Add a user account

Click this task to run the Add a User Account Wizard. This wizard helps you to create a new user account, assign the level of access that the user has to shared folders on the server, and select resources that the user can access from a remote computer.

For more information, see “Managing User Accounts in Windows Home Server 2011.”

Set up HomeGroup

Click this task to create a homegroup that you can use to share documents, music, pictures, recorded TV and more with other members of the homegroup.

For more information about homegroups, read the topic “What is a homegroup?